About Us

The Northern Alberta Pioneers & Descendants Association is one of the oldest organizations still active in Edmonton. It was formally organized on June 22, l894, by a group of 36 pioneers - men who had trekked across the prairies from Winnipeg or worked their way up the North Saskatchewan River by boat. Incorporation took place in Regina which was then the capital of the North West Territories.

Some of these men, including Frank Oliver, James Gibbons, Donald Ross, Richard Hardisty, James Goodridge, John A. McDougall, James McDonald, John Walter, Matt McCauley, Charles Sanderson, and John Kelly, have their names perpetuated by having schools, neighbourhoods, bridges and streets named for them. 

We are  largely a social organization. although we try to provide  some programs and charitable service to the general public. Our prime mandate, however, is to preserve the history of the pioneers of northern Alberta.

In addition, the Old Timers' Cabin is available for rent to the community for meetings, weddings, and other special events.  For rental inquiries, please contact the Executive Director by telephone (780) 465-2139 or email.

Mission Statement

We preserve the past for future generations by gathering the history of the pioneers and their descendants.

NAPDA Archives and Library

Donations of historic material about Northern Alberta and pioneer residents would be appreciated. If anyone visiting this website is a descendant of a pioneer or has information about any pioneer or their descendants, please contact our Historian Dr. Marilyn Assheton-Smith

Building Fund (Log Fund)

Donations to the Fund are always welcome and most appreciated. The Log Fund was set up to maintain, repair, and when necessary, replace the cabin logs. The logs were donated to the association when the cabin was built in 1958. These logs are beautiful but they do need maintenance.